An Insight on How ELO Boosters Work

Crazy after League of legends? But even after playing it day in day out, you are still stuck on the same Silver III level? How about getting an ELO Boost to catapult your rankings to the top, so that boasting it in front of friends would make you a celebrity overnight!

Or are you a pro at league of legends ELO Boosting and it all comes naturally to you and you are one of those few skilled people who can ascend the rankings like it’s a cakewalk? Then the prospects of becoming an ELO Booster might be pretty bright for you!

Whether you want to become an ELO Booster or feel the need to hire one, we will be throwing some light on how ELO Boosters work to provide you with the best results under such a short amount of time!

ELO Boosting has become such a common practice amongst League of Legend players that there are actual ELO Booster companies, which provide ELO Boost services to potential clients.


Fun Fact:

If you thought ELO Boosters are some kind of a software that instantly boosts your League of Legends ELO Boosting rankings, then sorry to break your bubble, but ELO Boosters are very much flesh and bones and humans just like us!

These ELO Boosters work tirelessly to raise your ELO rankings, and hand you your account with such high rankings that even you won’t believe it’s the same player’ account you gave in the first place!

The Initiating Process:

You don’t need to summon the Goddess of League of Legends ELO Boosting to boost your rankings, instead you want to find a decent looking guy/girl who is well-acknowledged and has the capability to work as an ELO Booster.

You approach the ELO Booster, exchange your player’s account and a little bit of cash with them, and wait for them to work their magic!

Simple enough? Well not so much, if you view it from an ELO Boosters perspective, you will realize that a tremendous amount of effort is put into making an ELO Boost.

An ELO Boosters Work Process:

As mentioned above, being an ELO Booster is not an easy job. You not only have to risk your own identity, but sometimes even your clients playing account is also exposed to a number of threats. This usually occurs when a ‘script’ is used to hike the account’s ranking.

A ‘script’ is like a code that is fed like a cheat code to alter the gaming situation in the player’s own favor. This simplifies the entire process of League of Legends ELO Boosting and allows the ELO booster to carry out action without hitting a deadlock.

Even though certain ‘scripts’ can be banned by Riot Games, ELO boosters usually come up with other ‘scripts’ to get their job done. If you are hiring the services of a reliable and competent ELO booster, then we ensure that your player account’s rankings will be boosted in an appropriate manner, guaranteeing you exceptional results.

Now that you are well-aware of the work processes that are involved in an ELO Boost, you will definitely appreciate the work of your ELO Booster, and realize that the amount of input that goes into elevating your account’s ranking from Silver tier to the Diamond one, is nothing less than a tough grind!

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